Paint A Miracle

A Moving Collaboration


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Student Work

Paint a Miracle is a nonprofit art studio and gallery located in Rochester, Michigan that offers a visual arts program for children and adults living with disabilities. They provide mentoring and adaptive technologies for their artists, and they exhibit and sell the artists' works throughout the community.


I have been fortunate to teach at Paint a Miracle from 2012-2017. I have worked with four private students as well as a group class throughout these five years. Working with private students has given me the chance to get to know their interests and desires and collaborate with them by providing access to new techniques and ways of expression. This leads to self awareness as well as self confidence for the individual artist.


I have organized, prepared and set up two shows in the community with my group class. One was at the Belian Art Center called RECIPROCITY- The Individual and the Collective. This was exhibited in February, 2014. The second was at Level One Bank in August of 2015. It was called PERSPECTIVE - By overcoming personal obstacles these nine artists help others to gain perspective on perseverance, empowerment, and the importance of community.

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