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Art is a healing force. I use art to help me to understand myself. It makes connections and integrates splintered parts. Most of my ideas come from a strong desire for wholeness and an exploration of the relationship between the material and non-physical world. 


I use found objects, creating a new context for them. Part of an old ladder becomes the framework to build a piece on. A tomato cage is the sculptural structure for embellishment. I use threads to knit, crochet and weave into a piece. I save things from my past: old clothes, beaded chokers that my son wore in middle school, and art fragments from from a deceased artist friend's studio. It feels instinctual, like a bird building a nest to incorporate these personal fragments from my life into a piece of art. It is in joining, mending and integrating that I feel connected to the mysterious whole.


Helping others find their artistic voice through teaching is a natural extension of my art making process and I find great happiness to be of service in this way.


Carol Cameron is mixed media visual artist and a teacher. She earned her BFA at College for Creative Studies with a Fabric Design major and has exhibited at Detroit Artists Market, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, U of M Warren Robbins Gallery, and Belian Art Center.  Carol operated her own hand painted and printed clothing business under the Ethereal Threads and Stormz label. She ran an after school art program called Art House and opened an art studio called WoodbisonStudio where she teaches children and adults. For the past five years she taught private and group art classes to artists with disabilities at Paint a Miracle. She is currently focusing on her own work.




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I am interested in artist collaborations, gallery shows, private students, and anything that uses art in a way that benefits humans of all ages.


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